Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ravenswood Run!

Remember when I mentioned that I was training for a 5k race? I wanted to get a better time than previous races I'd completed, so I was specifically training with the goal of achieving a personal record. My goal overall was to be under 30 minutes, which would not even be a PR, but would be faster than the pitiful 5k I did last October. I had a couple weeks when my knee was really bothering me, which had me pretty worried. I ended up taking a couple weeks off from working out altogether, and did a lot of stretching my knee and alternating between icing and heating it. Thankfully, the pain in my knee went away, and I was able to train as I had initially planned.

The race was on Sunday, and it was great! First off, the whole week before the forecast had been saying rain and 50 degree temps, and I knew that would not be ideal weather for getting a PR. Instead, it was sunny and beautiful! Not too hot, but warm enough for running without layers of clothing. It was a seriously perfect spring morning. There were about 4,000 people running, which was enough to feel like a big race, but not so many that it felt crowded (hello, Run for the Zoo, I'm looking at you! Being forced by the crowd to walk mid-race? Not cool.).

And my time? 27:40, which is a 8:55 pace!  Well under 30 minutes, if I do say so myself :)  I felt great the whole time I was running, and probably could have shaved a little more off my time if it hasn't been crowded and slow for the first part of the run. I started with the 9:30 pace group, and I have a feeling some people had optimistically started in a faster group than they should have. It was a fun race, and I was so pleased with my result!

I've also officially signed up for an 8k in July, since this year's Bastille Day race is going to be either a 5k or an 8k. I thought it was about time I pushed myself a little more on the distance, and now I'm excited to train for a longer run. My friend Stacy and I might squeeze in another 5k in June, and I'm also playing around with the idea of doing my first 10k sometime this fall. Looks like it's going to be a busy summer!

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