Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Latest Happenings...

It's hard to justify a weekend recap that doesn't happen until Wednesday. Therefore, I'll just say this is a post about some stuff we've done lately. It's starting to feel like spring here, and life is really good. I love feeling so happy with where I am in my life!

 Green City Market on Saturday morning. Amazing breakfast thanks to Floriole.

Pretty spring flowers!

Farmer's market goodies...
Dietzler Farms beef, fresh asparagus, Spicy Cheddar Boule from Crumb.

Catching up with friends at the DIY fair. We got great tips on gardening,
baking sourdough bread, brewing, making yogurt, and other crafty endeavors.

Joe cooked dinner on Saturday. 
I am so spoiled by this guy!

Amazing bread on the side, thanks to the market!

Hanging out with the girls on Sunday, while the guys brewed some beer.
I'd like to say we helped... but mostly we just chatted and ate waaaay to much!

It was a great weekend, even though I had to work at 5 am on Sunday. 
Fun friends, good food & beer, time with the husband... pretty much all I need to be happy!

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  1. there is nothing better than eating waaaay to much. nothing. so you go girls.