Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Urban Gardening-- year two

As of today I have officially started my second season of back porch gardening. I love living in the city and have zero desire to have a house with a big yard to tend to... but I do really love the idea of growing some of my own food. With our limited space, thing means growing my own herbs in the summer, and attempting to grow a couple simple fruits or veggies.

The rosemary plant is the same one from last year, which survived the winter living inside. I've also planted two tomato plants... they were both supposed to be Juliet tomatoes, but carelessly picking up the wrong plant lead to one Juliet plant and one Red Beefsteak. I've never grown big tomatoes like the beefsteaks before, so we'll see how that grows.  I'm also trying out a yellow mini bell pepper plant, and have a bunch of basil in the works.

The empty spot in the middle is for thyme, and I might also plant a little oregeno. It's so fun to just go out back and cut the fresh herbs that I need for my favorite summer recipes!  Also, so you see my little gnome watching over the plants?

I also got a couple hanging planters, and put one on each side of the door. I can't wait to see how these grow as the weather warms up. Speaking of weather, it's been obnoxiously cold here for the last couple days. Can we get to summer already?  Or at least a nice type of spring weather??? I'm not ok with 50 degree temps in mid-May!

Soon enough we'll be sitting outside, doing some of our favorite summer things:

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