About Us

This blog captures the adventures of Erin & Joe, a 20-something young at heart married couple living in Chicago. We love cooking and brewing our own beer, and pairing them together in memorable meals. We also think we make a pretty good couple... hence the title of our blog!

We got married in December of 2006, and immediately started planning how to move from Kansas City to Chicago. There had been some great times in Kansas City, but we both craved a chance to experience the busy, exciting adventures that a bigger city had to offer. It was the best decision of our adult lives (well, second best to the decision to get married), and we still marvel at how much we love this city many years later!

Our latest adventure has been a big one... in March of 2014, we became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Elise Madison has captured our hearts, and we don't even mind the fact that we're constantly sleep deprived and up to our elbows in spit up and dirty diapers. She's the most amazing little person, and we couldn't love her more!

This blog is a place for us to share what we're up to. Traveling, weekend adventures, memorable meals... really, a little of everything. A hint of mommy blog has trickled in, but it's hard to avoid once your life revolves around one tiny precious little one! Expect the themes of beer and food to run through most of it, since those are two of our favorite things at this point in our lives. Cheers!

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  1. Hey team - congrats on your newborn. Wishing you all the best in health and happiness. I had a question about an older post and was hoping we could connect. Shoot me a comment or email me at virgilnci(@)gmail(dot)com at your leisure. God bless.