Thursday, September 18, 2014

California Dreaming~~ Family Vacation 2014

Oh, hey, vacation recap! I'm going to keep this to less words & more pictures, since we've already been back a month. If I don't do this quickly, it'll never happen. California in August was wonderful... and the hardest vacation we've ever experienced. We didn't realize quite how much the changes would affect Elise. She didn't sleep well, which threw us for a loop. Luckily, she's still a very easygoing baby, and we tried our best to just chill out and roll with it. The ocean was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and we loved catching up with friends and family. 

Baby's first airplane ride!

She was so good. She slept a lot,
and just hung out the rest of the time.

Hotel family selfie
(Jamaica Bay Inn in Marina Del Rey. It was fabulous!)
We didn't risk "real" restaurants with Elise...
but Gjelina Take Away in Venice was perfect to bring to the hotel!

Baby sleeps, parents feast.

Venice Beach

Not a bad view for nap time, huh?
Feeling faaaaar from Chicago!

We had dinner at my Godmother Maria's house.
She's a great host, and it was a really fun dinner!

Hanging out with (great) Aunt Anne

Meeting Great Grandpa for the first time! 

Another day, another beach trip.
Elise isn't a huge fan of the sun at this point, and the California ocean is
way too cold for her. But we'll teach her someday!

Elise was popular with relatives of all ages!
And what is the relationship between cousins' kids?
Second cousins?

I'm not sure when we'll next take her on such a big vacation, but Joe and I do still really look forward to traveling more with Elise as she gets older. We love getting out and seeing the world, and hope to pass that love of travel and adventure down to her!


  1. so cute! i imagine it's hard to travel with a baby, particularly the not sleeping part, but i'm glad to hear she was easygoing about it :) i love that last picture, it's such a perfect example of a kid holding a baby when they have never before and are like "i'm supporting the head! look!" haha. i have many of those of me holding my cousins. looks like a great trip!

  2. Aww! She's such a little doll! I am sure it wasn't easy to travel…we took Layla on her first trip around 6 months and it was definitely a comedy of errors:)