Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hungry Baby

We're waiting until Elise is at least six months to introduce 'real' foods, for a variety of reasons. I'm so excited for that time to come! Joe and I love food, and I am excited to introduce her to so many different flavors. We're going to start with purees, and I plan to make them myself. It'll be a lot more work than just breastfeeding, but she's going to love it! She's starting to show interest in our food, watching as we eat. It's adorable! I've given her 'tastes' of a few things, which really means letting her lick or suck on the food, without actually eating it. She gets really excited when we do it. Over the weekend, I let her taste my red pepper, and it was caught on camera by my brother in law, Dan. He made a gif, and I had to share. Enjoy!

 photo image.gif

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