Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend Plans

TGIF! I am lucky enough to have another Saturday off this weekend, so today's shift feels like a 'real' Friday. Overall I have no desire to go back to the 9-5 world, but there is something to be said for way Friday feels after a long week of work. Tonight Joe and I are going to eat sushi that I'm going to bring home from Whole Foods, and plan to just relax in front of a movie. We have to save our energy for Saturday, which is shaping up to be a busy day!

One of the things we're doing Saturday is going to this DIY fair. One of my friends is a member of the Delta Emerging Leaders, and she's helping to put together this awesome event. There will be workshops and booths about all kinds of crafty stuff, plus cheap New Belgium beer for the guys we're dragging along. Although some of the workshops are interesting for the gentlemen, too. A bunch of our friends are also planning to go, so it should be a great time!


We're also going to try to get up early to visit the Green City Market. This weekend is the first outdoor market of the year, so we're going to try to get there before the crowds. I even suggested to Joe that we could go to the market without drinking any coffee, then try to go back to bed when we get home!  I'm hoping to get some asparagus, which I'm going to can in some kind of spicy brine. I always miss my chance to can asparagus, because I don't get into summer preserving mode until it warms up more. But this year I'm ready, and will hopefully have delicious results.

We're also hoping to brew with our friends on Sunday, after I get off work. It should be a great weekend! But I guess I have one more day of work to get through first, which means it's about time to get myself off the couch. Have a great Friday!

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  1. I'm sad I missed this!!!! That would have been so interesting. Hope you had fun!

    And I can't wait to head over to Green City Market on Saturday. Even if I don't buy anything it's so cool just to go.