Monday, May 16, 2011

Preserving the Market

Remember my loot from the Green City Market last weekend? The bread was eaten almost immediately, and some of the beef was made into amazing hamburgers a couple nights ago. But the real treasure from this market visit was the beautiful asparagus that I'd been waiting all winter to buy.  

Last summer was the first time I canned a variety of pickled vegetables, but I had started this little hobby later in the summer, when asparagus were already long gone. So this year I knew better, and I had been waiting patiently for my first chance to get some local, organic asparagus that were worthy for the task at hand.

I used a recipe from my favorite book for canning, and everything went smoothly.  Now I just need to wait patiently for at least a few more weeks, to let the flavors really develop. I can't wait to see how they turned out!

If anyone wants the recipe, or some advice on canning, just let me know!

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  1. oh gosh - i'm the exact opposite! my whole family loves asparagus except me. i made a deal with my parents when i was 9 that when asparagus was served i only had to eat 3 spears. and yes, i still enforce that deal today when i visit them. but give me an artichoke any day and i'll be happy!