Thursday, August 18, 2011

Perfect Summer Dinner

First off, I have to say I could never be a professional blogger. I do love to blog, and to think of ideas to document and share with the online world. But I get lazy/busy/uninspired, and the blog posting goes to the bottom of my priority list. I was doing a great time for a while, because I was working random hours and had weekday time off that was perfect for sitting down to blog. Now I (THANKFULLY!) am getting way more 9-5 type hours at work, and I am having to change my timing on certain things. I have to figure out evening or weekend times to workout, I get to spend a lot more time with my cute husband, and I need to find some times that are good for posting to this here blog. So, stick with me while I sort this stuff out, and you won't be sorry :)

Now, on to the actual topic of this post. I completely agree with Colleen's post about savoring summer instead of rushing into thinking about fall, and I thought of this dinner idea a couple nights ago when I was trying to decide a use from some beautiful heirloom tomatoes we received in our CSA box.  It's really simple, just adding some pasta and homemade pesto to a traditional caprese salad. I used einkorn pasta, an ancient type of wheat that is full of protein, and small balls of fresh mozzarella that I quartered. The basil was fresh from the garden (or container on the porch!), and I mixed it all together once the pasta had cooled somewhat. This quick FIVE INGREDIENT dinner was even better tasting than I expected--fresh tasting and capturing the essence of summer produce. Perfect enjoyed on the back porch, soaking up some of the amazing weather we've been having in Chicago recently.

I'll welcome fall when it arrives, but look forward to savoring more summer while it's still here!


  1. holy heck you know the way to my heart. that sounds amazing and easy to make. done and done. and you called out my post, which i love. glad to see you're savoring summer, too!

  2. This sounds and looks delicious. I think I might have to try it! And I completely agree with you on savoring Summer. I love Fall and all, but I know that it eventually leads to Winter... which I am NOT a fan of. I want to savor every last bit of Summer because I know it's going to be gone too soon!