Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lesson Learned

We've all played this game before. Friends coming over! Room temp white wine (or rose)! Quick, put it in the freezer to chill faster!

This time, though, Joe and our guests decided to take a walk to Lincoln Square for a drink, and that lovely rose was left in the freezer. Oops! Drinks in the square lead to visiting me at work, sharing a bottle of wine at Whole Foods, and Mexican food for dinner. Hours later, we were home...

I was pretty much peeing my pants as Joe posed for these!

Yup, that's 100% frozen!

The good news? Wine thaws, and doesn't taste any different to someone with my unrefined palate :) Thankfully, the bottle didn't burst, so we'll just classify this as a pretty hilarious night!


  1. haha. i've done that with soda before. unfortunately, it explodes.

  2. i've experienced the frozen wine waterfall as the freezing wine pushes out the cork. so so sad.

  3. Hi! Fellow Erin here:) My palette is just as unrefined (and I live so close to wine country). This is kind of hysterical.