Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Joe!

My handsome husband had a birthday this week, and we celebrated the beginning of the last year of his 20's the only way we saw fit-- with Korean BBQ and a growler of beer!

Have you guys tried Korean BBQ before? It's so tasty, and also a really fun dining experience! First, they bring out literally a million appetizer dishes, ranging from seaweed to kimchi to scallion pancakes. These dishes are typically delicious, and are almost enough food for a whole meal. Then, they bring out plates of raw meat, and a charcoal grill that fits into the middle of the table. The marinated beef short ribs were fantastic, and the pork loin was so tender and flavorful. Joe was a happy camper by the time we finished our meal-- and I was happy we were walking home, because I was stuffed full of Korean food!

Turns out the restaurant we went to was not BYOB, so we had some Kirin with our dinner, then enjoyed a growler on the back porch when we got home. It was a relaxing end to a low-key and enjoyable birthday. Lucky for Joe, we get to keep celebrating, because his birthday gift was tickets to the Minus the Bear concert in October. And , as a MAJOR SUPER AWESOME bonus, the sales girl at The Metro gave me free tickets to Mates of State when I bought Joe's birthday tickets, so we get to go to a concert in September, too! I adore Mates of State, but since we've already seen them live a couple times, Joe's been trying to convince me to use our concert budget to see other bands. Problem solved-- he can't complain if the tickets are FREE!!

Happy birthday Joe! I am lucky to have such a thoughtful, kind, fun husband, and I am thankful for you every day. I know how lucky we are, and I don't take for granted how easy and enjoyable our relationship is. I look forward to celebrating MANY more birthdays together!


  1. happy birthday joe! glad it was such a good birthday

  2. Happy birthday, Joe! That place looks awesome! I've had Korean BBQ before, but definitely not like that. I love the mini grill!

  3. yay for joe! i love minus the bear, so i fully support your b-day gift :). also, if you're ever in the Boston area, i have an amazing restaurant suggestion for you for Korean BBQ. There's a place within walking distance to our house that we go to on special occasions, and it's been approved as authentic by our Korean friend. Hooray!