Friday, August 26, 2011

A Simple Summer Cake

I just realized the beginning of this post has been sitting here as a draft for a while now, and that I needed to share it before summer is over! You need to make this cake. Probably this weekend, or definitely in the next week or so. Invite a few friends over, and enjoy the cake outdoors, preferably while drinking a chilled bottle of rose. I speak from experience when I say that the leftovers make a good breakfast treat, too. I served this to a group of girl friends, and all three of them went back for a second slice. That says something, right?

Most of the girls in my book club are obsessed with Smitten Kitchen, so I figured they would appreciate me choosing a recipe from Deb's site for our get together. The cake was simple to make the night before, and ended up being a perfect summer dessert. You could add some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, too, if you're feeling really gourmet :)  Click here for the recipe, and enjoy!

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  1. this looks so amazing and simple. may be the way i say goodbye to summer next weekend!