Monday, July 25, 2011

The Weekend... and lots of Basil

What do you do with a huge pile of basil?  Pesto, of course! We've been growing some very abundant basil plans on our porch, and we also got a bag of basil in last week's CSA box. I hate wasting food, and the basil out back desperately called out for some pruning.  Kept it simple with the Everyday Italian recipe, although I didn't use nearly the amount of olive oil that was called for. Basil, pine nuts, cheese, oil... that's pretty much it! I froze ice cube size portions for future use, easy to grab one or two at a time. 
The basil bunches totally reminded me of a bouquet of flowers!

What do you do with a bunch of pesto?  Pizza! And not just any pizza, but pizza with crust that was made using some of our spent grain from brewing.

He has to know by now that if he makes faces because I'm taking pictures,
then those faces will end up online :)

My weekend was something like this... Friday night- work on resume, make pesto, go to bed early. Saturday- work and babysit. Sunday- work and make pizza. Exciting, huh? The life of an hourly employee :) 

We did squeeze in a couple pints at the British pub a block from our house, which finally got its liquor license after being open for almost six months! We rarely eat out, and pub food is not my favorite, but we're excited to have a decent bar so close to our house! The heat and humidity cut us some slack last night, too, making for a great time to sit out and have a drink. Cheers!



    And the London style porter rocks. we started drinking Arcadia Ales just before we left KC and now I miss it!

  2. girl after my own heart with all that basil and pesto making. aboslutely my favorite! and you are rocking that fedora pretty well. glad you had some fun this weekend!

  3. Holy moly.... making homemade pizza with BREWING ingredients... We need to try this ASAP! Thank you for the amazing idea!

    And we seriously are planning on going to Stone Brewery when in California. We'll have to check out Port/The Lost Abbey too! Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Hi agree with Anna! That's nuts that you made your own pizza from scratch using brewing stuff! I'd like to say I'd try it myself, but that's not going to happen. LOL! I'm more of an eater that a maker.

    And you're awesome for signing up for Chicago Now!!! Thank you for reading! :)

  5. yum - that pizza looks awesome! and i LOVE your hat!