Saturday, July 30, 2011

Does this make me a runner?

I forgot to tell you guys... a couple weeks ago, I ran my first 8k race! It was the Bastille Day run, and this year they added the 8k option in addition to their traditional 5k. I did the 5k a few years ago, and a crazy downpour makes it the least enjoyable run I've ever done. If my count is accurate, this is the 8th race I've completed. A few years ago, I think I would have slapped you if you told me I'd be running for fun! Now, I still don't have any interest in really long races, but since I did ok on this 8k, I know I could manage upping the distance to a 10k at some point. 
See the girl in the yellow shirt, smiling like a dork? Yup, that's me!

Feeling slower around mile 4... but I kept pushing to the finish!
My pace wasn't fast, since the race was the day after we got back from eating and drinking excessively in L.A. Also, I've been battling allergies and/or a crazy cold for far too long now, and was all stuffy and what not while running. No bueno.  But I made my goal, which was to finish without walking! 

I'm sick of crowded races along the lake. Anyone know of any good races where they close off streets? The lake is always beautiful, but the trails on Lincoln Park just aren't made for full on races, and they get way too crowded. I'm thinking I'll do another race before it gets too cold... maybe September? I'd love to improve my 8k time, but since there aren't too many of those, I might just try that whole 10k idea out. I'm kind of still thinking that's crazy, though, so we'll see!

(I'm only blogging such boring stuff on a Saturday night because I'm babysitting. I swear, if I wasn't working I'd be out doing something fun!  Oh, and I'm actually supposed to be working on a powerpoint for an interview for a new position at work, but that is just too depressing for a Saturday night. Maybe it's time to see what's on TV?  Hope you're having a more exciting weekend than I am!)


  1. yes, this makes you a runner! awesome that you finished your 8K without walking.

  2. wow congrats!! im so not a runner so anything over a mile is impressive to me :)