Monday, July 18, 2011

Escape from Reality

Ok, it's been five days, and I think I'm finally recovered enough to post about our wonderful Southern California vacation.  We had a fantastic time relaxing with each other, just enjoying the feeling of minimal obligations and plenty of ocean air. I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but I don't really mind, because we were so 'in the moment' that stopping for the camera would have felt too much like work.

Some highlights of the trip...

 Spending time with much-loved relatives! Delicious food, lively conversation, drinks for everyone. It was wonderful to hang out and catch up with everyone. Thanks to Anne and Ron for hosting our little party!

Soaking up the different scenery. Ocean waves and palm trees are such novelties to us! We drove all over LA exploring, cruising famous streets like Sunset or Santa Monica Boulevards. From West Hollywood to Manhattan Beach, we got to know the city pretty well. Not going to lie, though, I love living in a city where I don't have to drive as much!

Hiking in Runyon Canyon was a great suggestion I got from my hairdresser, who lived in LA for a while. We spent a morning getting a workout while climbing around the hills, people watching and soaking up the views. It was beautiful, and seemed like such a stereotypical California thing to do... right down to the yoga class in the park! We kept up this healthy mentality through lunch, eating tasty vegan sandwiches at Veggie Grill. Then it was off to the beach, which we made a daily priority :)

One day we make the trek down towards San Diego, to visit the much loved Stone Brewery. It was fun to see the brewery, and we had an entertaining and welcoming tour guide. We loved seeing their operations, and didn't mind the tasting that occurred at the end of the tour. They have GREAT beer!

I've just made an official decision that this trip is going to get TWO posts worth of recap. We'll call this post Part One (With Picture Collages).  Part Two will involve iphone pictures, more food and beer, and some silly beach pictures. Midwesterners can be SUCH dorks when we go to the beach! Although I'm not a Midwesterner, for the record, because I was born in Northern California and have lived too many places to really lump myself in with one of them. Just so you know.

For now, I'll go make some dinner, while continuing to dream of living near the beach. It could happen. Right?!


  1. looks like an awesome trip! can't wait to see the pictures of the food and beer tomorrow, clearly my priority.

  2. omg STONE. by far, the BEST brewery tour i've ever been on. Stone came to the Great American Beer Fest here in Boston, and I accosted them (gushing, etc., at how much I love Stone and missing drinking so much of it since it's not as available out here, blah blah blah). The guy was awesome about it and let me be a fangirl. Looks like a great trip! Sometimes I really miss SoCal :).

  3. Looks like an AWESOME trip!!! My hubby and I are planning a trip to Southern California in the Fall, so this has me really excited! Oh, and we are DYING to go to Stone Brewery!!! Was it as awesome as I hope it is???