Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quick Catch Up

I initially planned to do all sorts of blogging this morning, since I wasn't going to work until 3:00. Thankfully, one of my coworkers said he'd switch me for an earlier shift today, since I've had closing shifts all week and have only seen Joe when we sleep in the same bed at night! I really don't mind working some closing shifts, and having the whole day to relax and get stuff done, but four days in a row was starting to bum me out. So this is going to be a quick update, and I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to waste hours looking at all of your wonderful blogs :)

I worked all three days of the past holiday weekend, but still squeezed in plenty of fun time. I caught up with some girlfriends, had a date night out with Joe, and enjoyed a night of grilling and beers to celebrate a friend's birthday. I also decided to be a little lazy, and not take pictures of what we were up to. But it was a fun, relaxing, and busy weekend!

How about a little photo show... here's some of the random pictures I've taken on my phone in the last week! God bless you, iphone, for helping me document my life with so little effort.

I am a really good friend, and was willing to help my friend Christie taste
cupcakes for her wedding. Hard work, but someones gotta do it.
And in case you're wondering, Molly's Cupcakes in Lincoln Park is freaking tasty!

After eating cupcakes, we went to the Meatloaf Bakery down the street.
Tasty little bites, like a spaghetti & meatballs 'loafie' and a vegetarian lentil 'loafie'.
We ended our night with margaritas and chips with guac, to round things out!

I learned how to take a screenshot on my phone!
The weather has been so random lately, but now seems to be
settling in on the warmer side of things.

I love taking Joe's bike out on my days off from work.
 I rode to the lake on Friday, then to Trader Joe's.
It was 9 miles and I actually enjoyed it. I'm playing around with the
idea of getting my own bike, but will probably just keep using his for now!

Joe and I had a date night at Bad Apple on Saturday.
We've had beers at this place about a million times, but hadn't eaten there yet.
The burgers were pretty fantastic, and I'm willing to bet we'll eat there again soon!
  Happy Hump Day! See you guys tomorrow!


  1. a bakery devoted to meatloaf?! be still my beating heart! i love it.

  2. I heart Molly's and Meatloaf Bakery! I haven't been to Bad Apple yet, but I've been meaning to go. That burger looks yummy.

  3. LOVE molly's. have only been once. ordered the apple pie cupcake with apple pie filling. amazing!

  4. mollys is my fav - the cookie doug cupcake. YUM.

    always wanted to try that meatloaf bakery too!