Thursday, June 9, 2011

I need a new hobby

I think I want a bike. Joe and I try to be relatively responsible with our money, seeing how we have a mortgage and other essential bills that we always want to be able to pay. We don't use credit cards often at all, and we have older, sorta crappy technology (I think our TV is about 15 years old!). So we tend to really plan out any big purchases we make, and try to save extra money before doing so.

Recently, Joe was debating between getting a bike or a guitar, in order to start a new hobby. He ended up getting a super sweet bike from his brother for waaay less than it's worth, and then also bought a guitar since he got a great deal on the bike. He's now having fun learning chords on the guitar, and has been cruising around on the bike in his down time. Lucky guy!

This is Joe's bike. It's super awesome, and I've become addicted to riding it! I actually rode about 16 miles yesterday, hitting up Green City Market, Navy Pier (for a work-thing), and riding home along the lakeshore trail.

Now, here's my problem. First, I was dead set on buying a sewing machine, so that I could do crafty things around the house and maybe even learn to sew some cute clothing for myself. I have saved about $250 of my babysitting money, like a high schooler, and was all set to buy the machine I think I want

Then I started riding the damn bike. Now I want one for myself. The problem?  Joe's bike is worth over $1,000, and I have gotten quite used to riding this super nice bike. I think I can only spend about $300 on my own bike, though, so I know there's no way I can get a bike that's near as nice as his. But I am dreaming of adorable rides to the beach, with picnics and frisbees, or rides to the farmer's market on the weekends. I could continue to ride Joe's bike anytime he's not around, which is a decent amount of the time since we work different hours. But I want to have a second bike, so we can ride together.

So what would you do? Buy a bike now, buy a nicer bike later, or say screw it, and buy a sewing machine?  I'm getting a new toy SOON, but this is a harder choice than it should be!  (Welcome to my crazy brain! I wish I could just make a simple decision, but I'm really good at analyzing things waaaay too much!)

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  1. Oh that is a tough decision. Here my two cents.

    With summer coming bike rides sound pretty cool. Plus, it is something you can do together which is always fun for the relationship. Additionally, the calorie burn is always a plus.

    Now, I also own a sewing machine and love being able to make my own creations. But it seems more like a winter purchase, when it would be fun to spend weekends inside leaning over your machine whipping up christmas presents.

    So I guess for now, my vote would be BIKE! Good luck with your decision.