Friday, June 10, 2011

How's this for a vacation?

Have you heard of the blog Oh Happy Day? I hadn't until someone posted about her blog recently, but I'm so glad to have discovered her site. Jordan is one of those professional blogging types, and her site is fantastic. It's so stylish and fun, and the best part is that she's currently in the middle of spending  a year living in Paris with her husband and two kids. Have I told you how i feel about Paris???


Seriously, it's my number one favorite place of all time. I've been three times, and the last trip was the first time Joe and I got to go together. It's so beautiful, romantic, historical, and all I ever imagined! I love wandering the streets, seeing the sites, and finding less touristy places to eat, drink, and watch the world go by. Joe and I have serious plans to move there (or really anywhere in Europe) someday, and I have every intention of making that dream a reality at some point. Maybe not forever, but a few years living in a different culture, surrounded by charm and history, would be a dream come true. And before you get all "grass is greener" on me, let me remind you that my parents recently moved back after five years in the Netherlands... so I know a huge move like that is far from easy, but can still be so worth it!

But we're not moving yet, so I figured I'd try to win a trip. Sounds like fun, right? You should check out Jordan's site, Oh Happy Day, but don't enter the contest, because the odds are already pretty unlikely ;) 

Happy Friday!


  1. i love paris too. when i was on study abroad i feel like we all had one city we were excited about, one that we had been intrigued by since we were little. for me, it was rome. for my friend, it was paris. but when i went and experienced the city (and now have also been three times, like you), i got it. paris is magic. i hope you win!

  2. I SOOOO want to go to Paris! That's awesome that you've been three times!

  3. J'ADORE Paris!!! I've only been once and it was a while back for only a couple days so I'm LONNGGG overdue for another trip. I might try to plan a trip this fall so I'll definitely be hitting you up for recs=)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog today=) You DEFINITELY deserve a new outfit for your LA trip! So happy I found your blog and 'Oh Happy Day'...time to procrastinate=)


  4. oh i love paris - haven't been for a couple years but when i went it was spring and perfect.