Friday, June 3, 2011

Making the Cut

For a couple years, I've been wondering if I could pull off this haircut. I was worried it needed a whole persona, and I wasn't sure my little preppy self could keep up! But I've been making changes in my life recently, and I decided it was time to take the plunge. First... a terrible before picture. I'd just gone running, and left my hair pulled up and dirty when I showered, since I knew they'd wash it at the salon. I promise this isn't how it usually looks!

And now, are you ready?

Scroll down a little more...

Almost there...

The new haircut!

I LOVE it! I really didn't know how bangs would end up looking, and I'm really pleased with the result! I would still like for my hair to be a little longer, but that will take a little more time. Now we'll just have to see how I do with fixing it myself... wish me luck!


  1. AAAAAAADORABLE. looks SO cute and so chic!!! xo

  2. looks great! definitely gives you a cute hipster look :).

  3. i loooooove it! you look very hip. perhaps we should start calling you posh.


  5. i LOVE it!! so cute. i always love adding bangs for a completely new look.