Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Check out my new ride!

Remember how I recently debated starting a new hobby? This weekend I decided it was time to bite the bullet, because I know I could make myself crazy if I kept debating purchases much longer! My biggest motivation came from Joe, who sent me this picture after riding down to Hyde Park while I was at work on Saturday.

The Japanese Gardens at the Museum of Science and Industry

I loved the idea of heading to the lake front to ride together, and decided at this point the bike was a clear winner! I still want a sewing machine at some point, but I'd have to be crazy to choose to spend the summer inside sewing things instead of riding a new bike around the city. We had a recommendation from a friend for a guy who sells used and fixed up bikes, and I was able to get this great K2 road bike for about half the price that it would cost if I bought it brand new.

It rides great, and I've already had fun riding around town. On Sunday after work, I rode the bike to church, and then Joe met me and we rode over to Dairy Queen. Nothing justifies a Blizzard like burning off the calories as you ride to and from DQ!  It actually reminded me of growing up in Colorado, because we used to walk or ride bikes to DQ all the time in the summer.

Today I also decided to ride to the gym, which was a 5 mile ride round trip. I ran and lifted weights at the gym, and had a great workout while also enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Soon, I think I'll try to ride to work, which is about 5 miles one way. And I'm eager to do some short weekend rides with Joe, maybe up to Evanston or down along the lakefront trail. I'm sensing the beginning of a somewhat addictive hobby...

Anyone else hooked on bike riding? Got and tips or recommendations to share?


  1. yay you got your bike. and i am SO jealous. i love blizzards with a passion but there are no DQs in nyc. you lucky girl!

  2. so fun! i want a bike so badly! :)

  3. Jealous! I realllllly want to get a bike. My hubby mountain bikes and wants me to get into it, but I just need a bike first! It's a big purchase, so I haven't quite bit the bullet yet!