Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A weekend in pictures... and a few words

You can't expect me to not "talk", right? I have a big mouth, and it is sometimes hard to get me to shut up! But I'm going to mostly just show you pictures from this weekend, since adding words will make this into an unpleasantly long blog post. I know I always skim other people's super wordy posts, looking for pictures. Don't you? So, here are some highlights of our weekend in Kansas City.

Almond croissant and apple bacon (!) muffin at The Filling Station. 

Not often we get to spend Friday morning relaxing at a coffee shop! 

Love spending time with family! 

We ate. A LOT. 

Nelson-Atkins Art Museum 

These photos made us cry we were laughing so hard.  

 Catching up with old friends. Great to see Jaime, Jess, Kieth and Tara!

Moments of relaxing  

 The man of the weekend!

75th Street Brewery 

Such an honor to be godparents for little Liem. My friend Ben, an awesome painter, made this painting to hang in Liem's room. I love how it turned out!

We packed a lot into this weekend. It was great to hang out with family, and to catch up with old friends. It's always fun to go back to Kansas City, but it also makes us glad we made the move to Chicago. KC is a great little city, but Joe and I agree we fit so much better in Chicago. Now which KC friends are going to come visit us this summer?

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