Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gotta Stay Hydrated

Drinking is a necessary part of daily life; we all know we'll die if our bodies go too long without water and other important beverages. My beloved pink Nalagene bottle went MIA recently, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. If I have to drink water, it's much more interesting in a cute bottle like this one, don't you think? 

I went all trendy here, with a non-plastic bottle that's been made so popular by the yoga-practicing, Whole Foods shopping crowd. I love it, though! This style has a 2-part lid-- smaller top for drinking, and a wider bottom lid for easy cleaning. Well worth the $20 I threw down for this one! Joe has one, too, but his is more manly looking, I promise.

Then there's the other beverage I find necessary for my survival. Even the simplest beer can be elevated by pouring it into a fancy glass. Now, Dasiy Cutter, our favorite local beer, is far from simple. But isn't it more fun in this rockin Duvel glass my friend Steph got me? She works at The Publican, and has all sorts of connections in the beer world at this point. Joe and I have a whole collection of beer glasses, thanks to my dad, and Steph was awesome enough to give this one to me when she ran across it!

And since I can't drink beer all the time (especially during Lent*), and water gets kinda boring, I've been trying to branch out. I've been into iced tea lately, as a nice alternative. The most important thing about iced tea is that you must drink it out of a bendy straw. I'm less picky about the glass for this one, but the bendy straw is a necessity. It makes cold drinks taste better, I swear!

What's your drink of choice these days? In addition to the above mentioned drinks, I'm totally obsessed with vanilla almond milk. Sooooo delish!

*Lenten fasting and giving up of things does not count when you get stitches in your finger and are feeling very grumpy. There were a couple weak moments last week when we did drink at home, but I choose to believe God still loves me and forgives me for this weak moment :)

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  1. my freshmen year of college i got so hooked on nestea iced tea - nectar of the gods! naturally i gave it up for lent and drank more beer instead.