Monday, February 17, 2014

35 weeks down... 35 days to go!

34 Weeks Pregnant

Current ProgressWe have made it to the final countdown! 35 weeks down! At this point, the baby should still stay inside for at least a few more weeks. But at the same time, if it arrived early, it is probably past NICU time. The weeks have been flying by! With 5 weeks left, Joe and I both feel like we're in pretty good shape.

Weight Gain & Body Changes: My weight gain has been right on target for a healthy pregnancy. I think I've gained about 25 pounds at this point. I've had some friends and coworkers tell me I look "tiny", which seems crazy to me! I feel pretty darn huge :)  The nice thing is that the weight and growth has stayed concentrated where it should be-- mostly in my midsection. There are some days that I think it practically looks like I stuffed a basketball under my shirt. 

Anytime I'm at home,
I go straight to wearing my sweatpants.
A cute look, for sure!
How I'm feeling: READY. Physically, I'm excited to have a baby on the outside... this is getting pretty uncomfortable! Mentally, I'm so excited to meet the baby, and feel as prepared as I'm going to be. There are still some nerves with delivering the baby, but I am confident that the whole labor and delivery process will go smoothly in the end. My body is ready for this, and my mind is ready too. 

What I'm thinkingI'm thinking the nursery is so cute, and I'm thrilled with how its turned out. Cozy and sweet enough, but not too frilly or babyish, either. It very much fits with our tastes.  I'm also thinking I have so many good friends who already love this baby a ton. This was proven yet again this past week, when my book club did a little surprise shower, and had a cake and tons of sweet books for me and the baby. Ziggy already has a pretty solid library started. 

Recent milestones  I'm not sure if it counts as a milestone, but Joe and I think we've chosen names! Whether the baby is a boy or a girl, we're about 98% settled on the names. That was a tough decision! We 'graduated' from our prepared childbirth class at the hospital, and just have one more breastfeeding class we plan to take this coming week. At our 32 week ultrasound, we found out that I'm growing a big baby. It was already about 5 pounds, which puts baby at about the 85% for weight!  Hoping I don't have to give birth to a 10 pounder...

Upcoming appointments or eventsSince the baby is pretty big, we have to do a growth scan at 37 weeks. We also will check the position of the baby at our next appointment, a week from Friday. Hopefully it's scooted to a nice head-down position, as we get closer to the big arrival. After next Friday, we're doing weekly appointments, and will only have 3 or 4 of those before the baby should be here!  

At 35 weeks, I feel like it's a pretty sizable belly!

This might be the last updated I manage to post... so wish us luck if that's the case!


  1. good luck! you look great and it sounds like a very healthy pregnancy. i hope everything goes smoothly, especially the delivery. can't wait to hear for the little one to arrive!

  2. i love this post! looking good mama!

  3. You look so fantastic! I am so glad you're feeling well, and I LOVE what I can see of the nursery. I am so excited for you - it felt like the last month or so of my pregnancy DRAGGED on and on, but the childbirth experience is unlike anything I've ever known, and I loved every second:) I wish the same for you!