Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Final Countdown...

39 weeks. We made it to the end! And my brain is full of thoughts about this, but also blissfully quiet. The quiet comes from being done with work for the time being. I'm home alone all day, with a relatively unimportant to-do list and lots of time on my hands. I'm trying my best to enjoy this quiet, because I know very well that life is about to change in a big way. But I'm also so incredibly ready for that change.

I've been reflecting back on this pregnancy a lot in recent weeks, thinking about all we've been through to get to this place. The journey started well before I got a + on the test in July, but I've dwelled on that enough. Either way, Joe and I felt very lucky to finally be expecting a new addition to our family. I've also been very lucky to have an "easy" pregnancy. I have had no medical complications, and have stayed pretty active and social through the whole 40 weeks. We still got to do some traveling, and spent nice weekends enjoying the perks of being a married couple without children. Even through the pregnancy there have been great concerts and special dinners out on the town.

But I still have to admit,  pregnancy is a challenge in so many ways. It is a challenge to your body, as you grow and stretch to make room for the baby. Simple tasks become a big deal (putting on pants, tying shoes, or getting off the couch have me bitching and moaning these days!). It is a challenge to your mind, as you get a glimpse into the worry that every parent experiences. And then there are the hormones... I never got too crazy, but still had moments of totally irrational emotion!

Now that I know what pregnancy is really like, I feel proud of myself for making it to the final days. Carrying a baby to term is an accomplishment. It's not something everyone gets to do, for many reasons. But this time around my body was strong, and I did everything I could to help it stay that way. Thanks to healthy eating (usually) and continuing my active lifestyle, I feel like I've done everything in my control to give birth to a healthy baby. I didn't complain too much, I worked hard at work and home until the end, and have really challenged myself to just stay positive and keep on truckin'. I'm not going to say there haven't been moments of complaining and eating 100 cookies for dinner, but I still feel proud of how I've handled pregnancy overall.

Though I'm ready to be done with pregnancy for the time being, it is still something I'd do again in a heartbeat. I know what's next, and I can hardly contain myself. Middle of the night feedings, figuring out cloth diapers and how to bathe a baby, a messy house... bring.it.on. There will be moments in the next weeks and months that push me to the limit, but I am ready for it! The rewards will make it all worth it, and Joe and I can not wait for the adventure ahead.

Now let's just hope said adventure starts soon. This week already feels too long, and it's only Tuesday!


  1. i love that you're ready to embrace the crazy moments. you're right, it's worth it. life's most wonderful adventure is about to begin!!! and also, middle of the night feedings are kind of the best :)

  2. congrats on being almost done! i love the way you described pregnancy and how you dealt with it, very inspiring. i hope labor goes smoothly and i can't wait for this little one to arrive - this baby is lucky to have such two caring and wonderful people ready to raise it.