Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pretty soon we'll have a new (tiny) roommate!

After months of planning, ordering, building, and waiting patiently, I think the baby's nursery is just about done! We're still waiting on curtains and a crib skirt, which my mom will be making. We also want to wait to buy some of the decorations to hang on the walls. I think it will be nice to know the baby's gender and name before that part. But otherwise, we're done!

Let's start from the beginning, though :)

There was a decent amount of time when the room looked like this.
I was having trouble dealing with that, with my type-A personality!

So this guy came along to save the day!

He's pretty handy. A good guy to have around!
Ta-da! It's a real crib, with a mattress and everything!
This was at 34 weeks, so right about the time I started
freaking out a little about the lack of time remaining.

This weekend we really kicked baby preparations into high gear. We installed the carseat, attached the diaper sprayer to the toilet (cloth diapers are glamorous!), and got the babies room almost completely set up. The floors are clean, the rug is down, and we picked up our glider from Buy Buy Baby. There is a decent chance I'll be spending a lot of time in that glider in the coming weeks. It's a recliner, and is so plush and comfortable! And stylish, too... I'm kind of obsessed!  

Ok, little baby! We're ready when you are :) With 5 weeks to go, it is exciting for us to say, "See you soon!" Anyone have last minute bits of advice to share with us?

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  1. it looks great! what a lucky baby to have such a chic room. good luck with these next few weeks!