Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Highlights: Part 1

I have so many pictures saved up on my computer, so I decided a highlights feature was the best way to get caught up. We've had a great summer so far, with plenty of socializing, wining and dining, and a few sporty endeavors. Everyone in Chicago agrees that summer is the best time of year to live in this bustling city, so we always do our best to make the most of it!

Ok, this could have happened in any season, but we bought a new couch!
It's a nice custom one, and we adore it.

This cute couple is Chelsi and Sean, and they are in the midst of renovating an
awesome house. They're doing most of  the work themselves, and it's amazing
what they've already accomplished. Oh, and they're getting married soon, too.
So they're busy!! This was at their housewarming party in June.

More from the housewarming party

We went to Blackbird for my birthday.
It was Joe's surprise to me, and it was nothing short of perfect!

We bought a bike rack for our car, and have been getting
out on our bikes a lot more.  Great exercise, AND entertainment!

Back in the spring, we went on a mini-roadtrip to Three Floyds.
Delicious food, rockin beer, and some swag for the road!

Our friend Henry was visiting for a weekend,
and a ton of beer was consumed in the course of that weekend.

Another sporty thing-- I ran my first 10k!
I ran with my friends Megan and Ellen, and it was so much fun.
We ran at a decent pace, and I'm pretty sure I'll run more 10k races in the future.

Three sweaty, but very cute, girls on the ride home.


  1. yay for your first 10K! I think they're a great race to run. Looks like a wonderful summer.

  2. GIVE ME YOUR COUCH!!!! obsessed.