Monday, July 23, 2012

A few more beach highlights

I have so many pictures and events that I want to post on here, but I can't go on without one more post about our beach vacation in North Carolina. No matter where I live, I was born a California girl, to parents from both coasts. I think there is a little saltwater and sand in my blood! I love the beach more each time we get away, and love to fantasize about one day living near the ocean. It's been a couple weeks since we got home, so this post is a nice way to reminisce about what a lovely vacation it was.

We spent an afternoon in Beaufort, a tiny and charming coastal town.

Historical boat recreations

There were lots of yachts in the harbor,
and we pretended we'd get one for ourselves one day.

The suuuuuper old cemetery in Beaufort

Captain Joe

Beaufort and Wilmington were full of beautiful old houses like this.

Lunch and a drink at Front Street Brewery in Wilmington.

Oysters at Dock Street Oyster Bar in Wilmington.

Crab Legs.... YUM!!

This is better than being at work.

Fresh clams for dinner!

What I would do to be back there right now...
Wrightsville Beach

I guess now it's time to start looking forward to our next adventure... three weeks until we venture west for a South Dakota family reunion!

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  1. captain joe - hah, love it! and damn - you look good in that bikini. love carolina, love the beach, love your posts.