Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keep Moving

After an unplanned break from blogging, I think I'm ready to come back. There have been highs and lows over the last couple months, and the last six weeks I've spent coping and trying to move on. Sometimes you can't control what happens in life, and that can be really frustrating and hard. But the only thing to do is to keep moving on, so I'm going to come back to the blog in an effort to continue getting back to normal life. I've been going through the motions of normal life, and each day it gets a little easier. So I'm coming back here, to continue documenting the *exciting* parts of my life to my *many* lovely readers... (Sorry, I had to get a little sarcastic there. A sign I'm acting like my normal self!)

Upcoming posts will include highlights of an Easter visit with my family, a new tattoo (so cute!!), and rocking out at the Chicago Theatre. All sorts of exciting stuff going on in the lives of Erin & Joe, your favorite pairing. So until next time...

1 comment:

  1. oh gosh erin i'm sorry! i don't know what may be troubling you, but i'm sorry it's been so rough recently - i really hope you're doing ok, and even if you haven't blogged recently i've always loved your blog, and i love being one of your lovely readers. keeping you in my thoughts and looking forward to more posts :)