Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Glarus

On our way to Madison last weekend, we took a side trip to the cutest little town in Wisconsin. New Glarus is Swiss inspired, with a whole collection of Alpine inspired shops and buildings. It was quite adorable, but we were there for a very specific purpose... to visit the famous New Glarus Brewing Company!

We tasted while we toured, and took some awesome (*sarcasm noted*) iphone pictures to document our adventure. They built this new brewery just a couple years ago, and it was the most shiny new brewery we've ever visited. There was a self guided tour, which sounded fun. Really, though, it just meant "self guided walk around and guess what stuff was". A map or info sheet could have gone a long way! They seem to have built this brewery with visitors in mind, so it was surprising that the "tour" was so lame. Luckily, we know how the brewing process works!

I would have loved to have learned more about the actual brewery. For instance, they have a female president of the company, which is pretty rare in the beer world. They're also #21 on the list of largest craft brewers by volume, which is pretty impressive considering they're only distributed in the state of Wisconsin.

There was a tasting room, which is always a highlight of a brewery tour, obviously.

A fancy lunch at the brewery.
Cheese Curds, Meat Sticks, and Beer Flavored Chips.

I like their attitude!

New Glarus was a fun brewery to visit, and I'd probably go back on our next visit to Madison. The setting is beautiful, surrounded by rolling hills. I imagine it's quite lush in the summer, and the beer tastes good year round. If you're in the area, take a detour to New Glarus to check the brewery out!

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  1. that looks so fun - too bad they didn't tell you more about the company, it definitely sounds interesting.