Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Little of This and That

Life has been good to Joe and I lately. We've had some fun nights out, confirmation about what good friends we have, and lots of warm fuzzies for the amazing city we call home. I feel much more like myself these days, and very grateful for the highlights of the last couple weeks. I've been to lazy to blog lots of separate little posts, so I thought I'd throw together a couple little photo collages, and just call it a day. So here's what's making me happy lately, in low quality iphone pictures!

Clockwise from top left
An amazing 12 tap set up at a homebrewers house. I love parties where everyone brews.
Wanna guess what we talk about?

Raising a glass to toast my cousin Anne, who got married last week!
The wedding was in France, so I just had to toast from afar.

Joe at the Chicago Theatre. Waaaay fancy for a concert venue!

Tasty food always makes life better!
Awesome thai sweet potato & kale soup
The best banh mi in Chicago is around the corner from our condo
Magnolia Bakery, worth the hype
Chicago dog!

The last couple Monday nights have been kick ass. Two weeks ago was Death Cab for Cutie at the Chicago Theatre. The set list was perfect, with a good mix of older songs. The only downfall was that the Chicago Theatre was beautiful, but too fancy for a rock show. People were sitting down the whole time! I would love to see them again somewhere a bit more gritty. The Metro is my dream, but it's pretty small for them at this point. Still a sweet show, and much more exciting than my usual Monday night routine.

Then last week I got free tickets to a Cubs game! Not just any game... they played (and beat!) the Cardinals. My friend Christie and I went, and we really had a lot of fun. We met at Goose Island for a tasty dinner and quality beer, then had a blast cheering on my favorite baseball team!

All highlights of a quality couple of weeks! I hope life is treating you well, too, and that Spring is right around the corner for all of us!


  1. you look so great in those red pants! and that chicago dog looks beyond delicious. glad life is going so well for you.

  2. SASSY RED PANTS! LOOOOOVE them! And is that a new tattoo i spy? You better come visit me and drink Pliny the Elder and tell me allllllllllll about it! xoxo