Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Visitors

We had some special visitors for Easter this year... my parents and little sister came out to visit! We had a great time running around Chicago, and also just hanging out and relaxing together. It was nice for Colleen to have a few days off school, and my parents loved spending time in the big city.  And as the hosts, it was nice to play tourist in our own city, and to not worry about errands or house cleaning or other boring weekend stuff!

Enjoying some sunny weather on State Street

Mom got to meet the Easter bunny!

The BEST cupcakes!

Cute little sister!

Perfect afternoon treat

Saturday night we went out with Joe's parents and brother.
The eight of us had fun catching up, and enjoyed some amazing pizza at Spacca Napoli.

My handsome husband, prepping for mimosas

After Easter Mass we came home to a big Easter brunch.
The quiche was amazing!

Cheers! Happy Easter!

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  1. your sister's name is colleen?! awesome. and i, too, love a good mimosa on easter.