Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twelve Dates of Christmas: A Play {Date 8}

A few days before Christmas, Joe got the idea that we should go see a Christmas related play, and I was instantly sold on the idea. We always say how we should go take advantage of some of the live theatre around Chicago, but something (laziness, cheapness, busy-ness) always gets in the way. This was a last minute plan the Thursday before Christmas, and I can officially thank this "Twelve Dates of Christmas" for giving Joe the inspiration.

Reading the Program

We went to the Neo-Futurists Theatre in Andersonville to see Burning Bluebeard, a play about six performers trying to cope with the guilt they feel after a terrible fire killed a huge audience attending their play. This was based on a true story of the Iroquois Theatre in Chicago, which burned down in 1903. The play was sad, funny, touching, and had the audience totally enraptured. The Neo-Futurist Theatre is a small place on the second floor of a building, and it's so quirky and fun to visit. Now we know we'll have to go back for Too Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind, their weekly sketch comedy show.  I loved this night out as a fun, unique date for the holidays or any time of the year. Thanks Joe for the idea!

Waiting in the lobby, which at first we feared was the actual theatre!


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  1. that's awesome! way to make the 12 dates of christmas get you to do something you've always wanted to do - the play sounds very interesting, too.