Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Twelve Dates of Christmas: Holiday Craft Fair {Date 2}

This date was years in the making. Every summer I talk for months about how I want to go to the Renegade Craft Fair, and then every summer we get busy or forget or just blow it off. So when I caught wind of a winter fair just in time for Christmas shopping, I put my foot down and made sure we finally paid a visit!

The Renegade Craft Fairs started in Chicago, and now take place each summer in cities across the country, and even across the pond! (London). The fairs started in Chicago, and there is also a storefront here in Wicker Park that is great for gift shopping.

There were at least 150 vendors, spread out all over the field house. It was basically like having Esty live and in person, and without any of the stupid puffy bows and tutus that I hate so much. Everything was so affordable, and there were so many creative gift ideas.

I had been planning on getting Joe a guitar strap for Christmas, but he beat me to the punch. He got the red one, and it's pretty rock and roll, if I do say so myself. We also got a fantastic gift for my little sister, but I can't post it on here until after Santa comes.

Cream Puffs from Puffs of Doom. Fantastic!

We also got this gift for ourselves. There were a billion awesome prints that we wanted to buy and frame, but realistically most of our wall space is already being put to good use. We do have a need for some art in the kitchen, and this one was too bad ass to skip. It's a map of the Chicago neighborhoods, showing different cuts of meat. We couldn't resist!

This date was officially a success. We enjoyed time together while getting some Christmas shopping done, and even got some treats for ourselves!  If you live in L.A. or San Francisco, there are holiday markets coming up in your cities before the end of this month. You HAVE to go!  Or if you live in other cities like Brooklyn, London, or Austin, keep an eye out for your city's Renegade Fair next summer.


  1. this is awesome. a craft fair that's like a live etsy is perfect.

  2. so jealous of that poster designer. what an awesome job!