Saturday, March 12, 2011

The check IS in the mail! (and other signs of spring)

I checked the mailbox on my way in from work, and found this little baby waiting for me...

Score! It's a "Wellness Rebate" check from our CSA that we've subscribed to for this summer. This will be our second summer doing a CSA share with Simply Wisconsin, and I couldn't be more excited for this coming summer! A CSA is a great way to try local, fresh produce while supporting organic family farms. This rebate is a really great perk that Simply Wisconsin does to help make the CSA more affordable. You had to sign up pretty early (I think we did it in December), but this check makes the overall breakdown for our produce share really reasonable. June is still pretty far away, but getting this in the mail gave me hope that we'll survive to that point!

 Another sign of spring? I realized I only have a month left to get to a Soup & Bread night at the Hideout. This is an awesome weekly fundraiser, where people volunteer to make and share bread and soup, and everyone donates what they can to help out a good cause. The cooks and charities change every week, and it sounds like a great way to support some good in our community while catching up with friends. I'm really going to make an effort to attend this Wednesday!

My little rosemary plant is also really eager to get back outside. I grew this baby out on our porch last summer, and it had a hard time adjusting to being indoors this winter. It didn't shrivel and die, but it didn't grow for a looooong time. In the last month or two it has started growing again, and I've even cooked with a little bit of it. I can't wait to start growing herbs outside again!

Before we know it, spring will really be here! We're so close to saying we've survived yet another Chicago winter. Bring it on!

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