Saturday, March 19, 2011

Slowing Down to Enjoy the Little Things

I didn't have to work on Friday, so I decided to venture down to the loop. 
Stated reason? I needed to get new glasses at Macy's.
Real reason? I wanted to go explore!

I did successfully order the cutest new glasses, which I will show you as soon as I get them. Then, instead of tempting myself with shopping on State Street, I headed east towards the park.

I stumbled upon this lunchtime "Music Without Boarders" concert at the Chicago Cultural Center. It was a French Gypsy jazz group, and the few minutes I heard before they finished were pretty fun. Bad timing, though, and the show ended as soon as I settled in!

 I had to take time to walk around the Cultural Center.
Amazing architecture, and FREE art exhibits.
What more can you ask for?

On to one of my favorite places downtown.
It wasn't too cold out, so I walked around dreaming of warmer weather.
I love
generally hanging out in Millennium Park pretty much all summer.

Obviously, not quite summer yet. Blah.

I saw a line of restored vintage cars, and thought it was strange but interesting.

Turns out the cars were part of the set for an upcoming NBC show that was filming its pilot.

I did not see any playboy bunnies.
Just actors in 1960's garb.
It was an unexpected little surprise, and a fun way to end my little adventure for the day.

Then I came home and made muffins and stuffed acorn squash.
I cleaned up and did my usual 8:30 bedtime, because that's what happens when you work at 5:00 am.

Not a bad Friday overall. There's something to be said for having days off work when most people are chained to their desk. Although there's also something to say about working weekends and insanely early hours. I'll let you decide what to say!

Have a great weekend!

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