Saturday, July 5, 2014

Letters to my Baby: Month Three

Sweet Baby Girl,

It's already happening. Time is melting together, and the days are passing too quickly! You turned three months old almost two weeks ago, and I'm just now sitting down to document the last month. You're keeping us busy these days! Mom has gone back to work, and even at just two days a week, it's made life a bit busier. We want to savor every moment we have together with you, which means things like blogging take a back burner. But we're still taking lots of pictures, and making lots of memories.

This month your Grandma Haggerty came up to visit, and watched you while mom was working and dad was out of town. You gave her a run for her money, but you both survived. There were lots of snuggles, tons of singing, and enough sweet smiles to keep you both going through the day. Speaking of smiles, you really mastered smiling in your third month of life! Before they were kind of random and sporadic. Now your smiles are intentional, and they melt your parents hearts!

You grew a lot in the last month. At your three month checkup, you were measured at 26 inches long. That means you grew two inches in the last month, and you're in the 100th percentile for length. You are one tall baby girl! You're a good eater, too. You've gotten used to both bottles and breastfeeding, and you're right around the 50th percentile for weight. The official three month measurement is 13 pounds and 4 ounces. Pretty much perfect.

We're helping you practice lifting your head. It's a pretty big one (97th percentile!), so you're taking your time with that milestone. We practice tummy time every day, and can see you getting stronger with practice. You're starting to hold some toys, too, and your favorite is a cheap-o free rattle that we got at a Neighborhood Parents Network event. We've been trying out various mom and baby groups during the weekdays, to find new friends to hang out with. On the weekends we try to squeeze in time with all our long-time friends, too. There have been lots of cookouts and picnics on the weekends! We're savoring this summer weather, and all of your snuggly moments. You're growing up so fast! This third month is when we started seeing you as a real little person, instead of just a newborn baby. It is a sneak preview of what's to come... we sure to love you, and watching you grow is such a treat!

Elise is starting to love being worn by mom. The K'Tan is so cozy!

Morning snuggles are the best!

Happy first Father's Day!

Baby's first El ride!
We met Joe on Southport for dinner.

Elise was extra sweet to mom on her birthday :)

Grandma was in town for mom's birthday, too!

31 ain't so bad, right?!

We really couldn't love you more!

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  1. Parenthood seriously suits you two, you've never looked happier!