Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Letters to my Baby: Month Four

Hey Princess,
Another month has come and gone! We're almost 1/3 of the way through your first year of life. You continue to bring joy to our lives every day, and your dad and I laugh at how often we marvel at your cuteness. You're very obviously not a newborn anymore, and it's so fun to interact with you these days. You smile all the time, and have started sprinkling sweet squeals and baby laughs into the mix. We act like complete fools trying to get your to laugh even more!

At your four month appointment, the doctor was quite impressed with your growth. You're more than 26 inches long, which puts you in the 99th percentile. You're continuing to be one long little baby! You're staying right on track with your weight gain, and weighed 14.5 pounds. And your sweet little noggin is still huge! You're getting better at lifting it, though, which makes us really excited. You're continuing to improve on tummy time, too. You'd lay there all day with your head down, but you're acting more happy when we prop you up, too. Before we know it you'll be holding your head up like a champ! The doctor did say that it's harder with such a big head, so we know you're working hard to get there!

You're still only eating breast milk, and you do a great job switching between breast and bottle. It's so exciting that we've made it through four months of exclusively breastfeeding! After some research and talking with the doctor, we've decided we'll wait until you're six months old to start giving you 'real' food. Mom went to a baby food class last week, and got tons of ideas and advice. We know it's best to wait a couple more months, but are also really excited for that time to come. Your parents love eating good food, and can't wait to share foods with you!

You are such a joy little lady. We love every day with you, and celebrate the love you've brought to our family. We couldn't be luckier!

Mom and Dad

Classic "fluffy butt" thanks to the cloth diapers!

Picnic at the Park!

Morning Playtime

Elise almost always sleeps in her crib...
but this little snooze on the couch was pretty damn cute!

Go 'Murca!

More playtime at the park

Current feelings about tummy time.
At least we're making progress!

We're working on transitioning out of the swaddle.
Elise loves to sleep in, and this was a particularly lazy morning.
I think it was about 9:00 am when I took this picture!

Joe's parents came in to hang out one weekend, and we
went down to the Square Roots festival. It's a great
Lincoln Square festival each summer!

Bedtime snuggles with Daddy.

We successfully drove to St Louis, just the two of us!
I'll share more of that in another post, but I was so
proud of both of us for surviving the drive.

Dinner out at Fork

We've taken the 'El a few times now, and it tends to lull
Elise into a sleepy state.

Babies first Green City Market visit.
She's thrilled, obviously ;)

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