Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Letters to my Baby: Month One

{I'm going to try to do this each month for the first year, since so much changes during that time. We'll see how I do!}

Sweet little one,
It's hard to believe you're already one month old. What a month it has been! Your dad and I marvel at the creation we've made-- we can't believe we created such a beautiful little girl! It feels like you've been in our lives for ages already, yet also like you were just coming home from the hospital yesterday. We have learned so much about you in this last month, and I know we have so much more to learn as you continue to grow. The biggest lesson has been love. There is so much love in our home and our hearts now that you've joined our family!

You've already grown so much in this first month. You don't seem as fragile as you did at first, and you already weigh almost 10 pounds. You're super tall, too. At your two week appointment, they said your height put you in the 99th percentile! It's not a huge surprise, given your tall parents! You're doing great with tummy time, and holding your head up for a little longer each day. You've been eating like an old pro, too, which makes mommy and daddy so happy. Breastfeeding isn't always easy, but it makes us so happy that it's working out well. And pretty soon we'll give you an occasional  bottle, too, so that your daddy can feed you. You hate the pacifier so far, but we're not giving up on that quite yet! You do love bath time, though, and a little extra bare bottom time as we're getting you dressed. We're using cloth diapers most of the time, which has been a little challenge because of some slight rashes, but we're getting the hang of it. You slept a lot in this first month, and love to snuggle with us. But you're getting more wakeful these days, too, and are even hinting at the beginnings of some intentional smiling. We can't wait to see your personality continue to develop in the next months!

Here are some picture highlights of your first month of life. Not surprisingly, we took a lot! But you're too beautiful to resist, so we have to capture all of these wonderful moments.

The most amazing moment I've ever experienced.

Proud grandparents

This guy was made to be a dad!

You were so darn tiny when we brought you home from the hospital.
That didn't last :)

Bringing you home. It was so exciting, and scary, too!

More doting grandparents, and your proud papa.
Grandma H was with us for the first two weeks, which was a HUGE help!

I love to watch her sleep. So precious. 

Weekend mornings are my favorite time!

She loooooved Aunt Laura!

That face!

She's gaining weight like a champ, but still kind of a string bean :)

How could she not have us wrapped around her finger?!

After weeks of letting friends bring us food, I had
to document the first meal I cooked for us.
Fajitas and the works... yum! (She was asleep in her rocker
for a few minutes, then we switched off holding her while
we finished our meal)
Elise, this last month has been the most challenging and rewarding of your parents life. We can't wait to see what adventures the coming months have in store for us! (And we can't wait to sleep through the night again!) We love you so much baby girl!


  1. parenthood is the greatest! you guys are rocking it! can't wait to meet that sweet elise. i love that she looks so much like joe :) oh and HEY, i like your tank in that last pic. teehee--but srsly though...aren't they the GREATEST?!?!?!?!

  2. Ahh! What a sweetheart! I am so glad things are going well for you guys. Seriously, I was shocked at how hard breastfeeding was at first, but I am so happy to still be doing it six months in. I really love that time with Layla. You're doing great, mama! :)

  3. this was so sweet erin - you guys sound like two very, very good parents. i hope she continues to grow well and bring you both so much joy, which i know she will.