Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Easter!

Easter is a holiday I always enjoy, and this year was of course no exception! I like the festive atmosphere at church, and I like that it's really a low-key holiday overall. We're too far from most family, and like to spend the day having a nice brunch at home and then the afternoon with friends. This year was pretty great! We had a relaxing day, and the weather in Chicago was BEAUTIFUL. Finally! We made it into a nice weekend, too, since Joe was off work on Friday. Three day weekends are extra special now that I'm home with the baby and Joe's working all week.

Saturday we went out to Joe's parents' house. It is about a 90 minute drive from here, so it was the first time we were taking Elise on a longer drive. She did great, and slept almost the whole way there and back! We spend the afternoon hanging out with his parents, and introducing Elise to her uncle Jeff. It was a great way to spend the day, and Elise loved all the snuggles and attention :)

Elise loved meeting Uncle Jeff

Playtime with the Grandparents

I love pictures of our new family of three!

And the whole gang (minus Joe's brother and his family)

On Sunday we made sure to start the day the best way we know how... in our pajamas as long as possible! We lounged around the house, loved on Elise a whole bunch, and made a nice brunch spread to enjoy together. Then we got cleaned up, put on our nice clothes, and headed over to church. It was the first time taking Elise there, and I was pretty nervous how it would go. We got lucky, and again she slept the whole time! She looked adorable in her little dress, and we took a moment to get a few family pictures before heading home.

Happy Easter from our little family of three!

The weather was so beautiful-- 70 degree temps and clear blue skies. We took a walk around the neighborhood, and then went over to our friends' place for a while. To keep things enjoyable for all of us, we didn't stay for dinner, but we spent a couple hours hanging out and catching up with some of our favorite people. All together, I'd call it a very successful holiday!

Lots of good things to toast to these days!

My two favorite people :)

It was warm! There was sunshine! I believe there is hope for this summer!

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  1. love the photos of the family of three! you look beautiful erin - so happy.