Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Wedding Celebration!

I haven't posted a photo class update in the last couple weeks, because now we've moved on to learning to edit. I'm taking some new photos for our upcoming final project, but we've also been working a lot on editing pictures that we took earlier in the course. Browsing through my photos from the last few weeks, I realized some of my "class pictures" were also pictures of an important event-- my friends getting married!

Dan and Diane are a couple who love and appreciate all kinds of art, and they're friends with a ton of crafty, talented people. Luckily, they'll still hang out with people like me, too, so I can try to get some of that artsy vibe to rub off on me! They made their wedding into a two night affair, and instead of a rehearsal dinner, they had a night of performances for all their friends and family.  We had a great time enjoying all the culture, and got to catch up with so many good friends at the same time.

Last night before saying, "I do"!

There were dancers, musicians, and a comedy troupe.
Plus a fantastic collection of their friend's art was on display around the space.

There was great audience participation when this talented gentleman
taught everyone a thing or two about Latin dance. 

It's pretty evident everyone is having a great time, huh?

The next night we came back together to celebrate the actual wedding. The bride and groom chose to have a smaller private ceremony, focused on their family, and then to invite everyone to the reception that evening. We ate delicious BBQ and fantastic pie, and toasted the newlyweds with some touching speeches. And then we danced until our feet hurt! Everyone else enjoyed some tasty beverages along the way... and I had a tiny half glass of wine. Not quite the usual wedding situation for me, but I had a great time regardless!

These two are next!

You know you make me wanna shout!

A little bit softer now...

A little bit louder now!
Congratulations Diane and Dan! The wedding was a wonderful celebration of your love, and I wish you many happy and healthy years together!

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