Monday, March 18, 2013

And the plans for Barcelona...

A continuation of yesterday's post... here are some of our ideas for our upcoming visit to Spain!

Barcelona To Do List

After four days in London, we say adios to my sister and head south. Neither of us have been to Barcelona before, so we are really excited about this part of the trip! Some of our top priorities are eating lots of tapas and drinking plenty of great Spanish wine. I want to make sure we don't ONLY eat and drink for this part of the trip, though, so I figured out a couple other plans to add some culture and adventure to the visit. 

Free Walking Tours

A little sleuthing on the Trip Advisor website lead me to the recommendation of a tour with Runner Bean Tours. These are free tours, and if you feel it's worth it at the end, you can choose any amount for your donation. I love this idea, because tours can be expensive, and not always worth the money. From what I read, this donation system makes their tours that much better, because they're really working to earn your business. They do a tour of Gaudi architecture, and also one of the historical Gothic quarter. If we like the tours, we might just do both of them!


Biking Vineyard Tour

This is the part of Barcelona that I'm potentially the most excited for. Some of our friends recommended a cava tour in the  Pened├Ęs area in Catalonia, and I thought that sounded pretty perfect. But then I got the idea in my head that it would be fantastic to bike in the rolling hills outside of Barcelona, and I started searching online for options that included biking. I found my answer with Spanish Trails, a tour company that offers just that. It's a full day tour that includes biking between three vineyards, tours and tastings at each location, and an authentic Catalonian lunch at one of the vineyards. The reviews on Trip Advisor are incredibly positive, and I think this might be the perfect special excursion outside of the city. 


Other Barcelona Plans

Within the city of Barcelona, there are so many things I would like to see. The famous Sagrada Familia is a must see. I'd love to wander through the Park Guell, and to take in the views of Barcelona below the park. I've heard that the Barceloneta neighborhood near the water is fun to explore, too. And of course, we will eat. A lot. All day and all night. Yup, sounds like a perfect vacation to me!


Have you visited Barcelona? So many people I know have been there! What are your favorites? Anything to avoid? 

Now we have less than a month to go! Time to start making reservations for any touristy activities. And I need to brush up my manual camera skills, so I can properly capture the sights of our adventures. I hope this next month goes fast!

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  1. you MUST see the sagrada - it is astounding. there are no words. the wine trip sounds amazing! and don't forget the open air good market!