Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve Dates of Christmas: Date 4 {Christmas Carol}

After Thanksgiving, Joe and I were talking about fun dates to do for our Twelve Dates this year. We loved seeing a random play last year, and decided to continue that tradition this year. We got a little fancy, though, and decided to go for the real deal: Tickets to see A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre.

You can see the Goodman from the train, so every time I go down to the loop I'm reminded that I need to go to this theatre. They also had tons of advertisements around the city for A Christmas Carol, so it ended up being too much to resist! We scooped up some weeknight tickets, and went for the "limited view" box seats since we were feeling a little too spendy. The tickets were not bad at all-- we could still see probably 85% of the stage, and it was fun to be in one of the little boxes on the side of the theatre.

Before the show we cashed in a gift certificate to Avec. The food was amazing, and the setting is so understated and stylish. We also discovered if you go on a weeknight around 5:30, there's no wait for a table! This is a dorky early time to eat dinner, but since Avec doesn't take reservations, we might take advantage of this in the future. I was still thinking about the pork shoulder a few days later!

It was a fun and delicious Wednesday night! Very different from our usual sitting on the couch routine. The Goodman theatre was beautiful, and helped keep our Christmas spirit going full force!

Not sure we'll make it to 12 dates, but we're going to keep trying! We've still got at least 3 or 4 things planned. Plus, the Christmas season goes through New Years, at least. Wish us luck! 

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  1. You guys are cute! It looks like youhad a lot of fun, you never know you just might make it to 12 dates!