Friday, December 7, 2012

Twelve Dates of Christmas: Date 3 {Renegade Holiday Fair}

This is a repeat date from last year, but we loved it too much to skip it. I think this might be a new holiday tradition, as well. The quirky, crafty, indie craft show known as Renegade Art Fair, which comes back to town each December as a charming holiday fair. It's a fantastic place to buy unique gifts, which is exactly what we did. This year we even resisted buying stuff for ourselves! I love this chance to get so many artists together to sell their wares-- it's like bringing etsy all into one crowded gymnasium. Quality time with my husband PLUS productive Christmas gift shopping? Pretty much a perfect date!

A hallway of faux jellyfish. Charming!

It was a *little* bit crowded!

Awesome Chicago themed playing cards.
I was tempted to take more pictures of the booths of stuff for sale,
but didn't want to give away any hints about the gifts I bought!

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