Sunday, December 2, 2012

Twelve Dates of Christmas: Date 1 {Decorating & Elf}

Joe and I decided we'd attempt to do the Twelve Dates of Christmas again this year, to focus on something fun and festive for the month of December. We had fun last year thinking of creative ways to celebrate the Christmas season, and we really enjoyed the excuse for lots of extra "dates".

We started this year off with a nice simple date of decorating the tree. There was hot cocoa and plenty of Christmas music, and we spread our Christmas cheer all over the house. The stockings are hung (on the china cabinet) and there are scented candles and festive knickknacks decorating every available surface in our condo. AND I LOVE IT!

I've switched to using my DSLR on manual mode,
which is exciting! But it turns out it's tricky taking a
picture of a lit tree in a dark room. So here's a crappy
blurry picture for you to enjoy. I'll learn one day!

And since we got done with the decorating before it was too late, we switched over to watching a Christmas movie. A few cookies and some couch snuggling counts as a date, right?

Any chance we'll actually squeeze 12 dates into this month? Wish us luck!

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  1. i love that you're doing this again! i can't think of a better first date than decorating a tree and watching off elf to kick this off.