Saturday, September 15, 2012

South Dakota: {The Rest of the Trip}

Just a few more pictures, then I'll move on. I promise. We just had too much fun on this trip, and I used my new camera A LOT. First, I have to share a few pictures from Wall Drug. It's a silly, kitchy, touristy shop in a teeny, tiny town outside of the Badlands. It's famous enough that news sources like the New York Times have featured it, and it's quite a hilarious place to visit. I think we were all pretty hyper after enjoying our doughnuts and five cent coffee, and acted a bit goofy during our visit!

Another option for the family Christmas card...


We had a little Fort Collins love fest one afternoon, when we noticed Joe and I were both wearing shirts from
Fort Collins breweries, and Brendan was wearing CSU gear. 

Are they cute or what?

Grillmaster in his element

My parent's view out back. Not too shabby.

We got cake twice over the weekend, since we celebrated my mom's birthday one night,
and Joe's a couple nights later!

We ended the trip with an overnight visit to Denver,
where we got to spend some time with two of my oldest girlfriends and their charming husbands.
I love these people!

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  1. man. i just had a great doughnut but now i want another one after that picture up there! looks like a lovely time with loved ones - the best kind of vacations.