Saturday, September 15, 2012

South Dakota: {The Badlands}

Ok, I'm finally ready to get back to the blog. We're actually leaving next Friday for another quick little trip, so I figured I'd better get the rest of my South Dakota pictures posted before we leave again!  These are some of my favorite pictures from our day trip the the Badlands, an amazing National Park just east of Rapid City. We were in awe of the dramatic rock formations, and soaked up the beautiful scenery as we climbed around on the rocks. If you ever make it the South Dakota, the Badlands are a MUST. It is a truly stunning sight.

Momma Hags doing what she does best-- keeping us well fed!

Do you like how we picnic? We're fancy, with our tablecloth and all.
We had leftover burgers on homemade buns, fresh hummus with veggies,
and a mindblowingly simple and delicious corn salad.

Sorry sisters, this picture was too funny to not post.

Within a mile down the road it was complete prairie.
The dry grasses seemed to stretch forever,
even though we knew there were more rock formations just down the road. 

The pictures pretty much say it all. Amazing place to visit.


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  2. Wow, wonderful photos! What an amazing trip! And your picnic does look divine! xxx

  3. wow that looks amazing - love your dress, too.