Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday, Joe!

We started Joe's birthday celebration in South Dakota, with his fancy DQ race car cake. But that was just the beginning, because this wasn't just any old birthday. It was the big 3-0! This meant I made Joe feel celebrated and important for WEEKS on end, with a fancy birthday celebration on his actual birthday, and a party with our friends a few weeks later. Would you like to hear about it? Good!

We started the celebration with drinks on the 13th floor of Trump Tower.
It was quite fancy, and we did some great people watching.

The drinks were quite fancy, and pretty darn tasty. Not your normal weeknight drinks!

We took some lovely tourist pictures. It was a pretty captivating view!

We went to Avec for a delicious dinner.
Photo Source

And we ended the night at Monk's Pub, celebrating the arrival of Oskar Blues beers.

But remember, since this wasn't just any birthday, we had to have a party as well! We had our friends over this weekend for the official fete, and did a pretty good job ushering in a new decade of Joe's life.

After we sang "Happy Birthday", Joe decided they should shotgun some beers.
A desperate attempt to hold on to his youth? I think so.

Still smiling, and feeling a bit proud of the shotgunning.
I'm kind of surprised this didn't lead to flip cup or some other nonsense :)

Happy Birthday Joe!

Thanks for coming everyone! We had a great time celebrating Joe's birthday. We're so lucky to have such awesome friends to celebrate with. And now, only 9 more months until my big 30th blowout!


  1. this looks awesome - i love birthdays and you guys definitely celebrated in style! and a dq racecar cake? yes, please.

  2. Oscar blues! Yes yes yes! G'night is amazing. actually, they're all amazing!

  3. Those drinks look delish!