Monday, June 25, 2012

He bakes, too!

I love that Joe is a bit of a secret renaissance man. He's a smart professional businessman, who works hard from 8-5 (or 6, or 7...), but when he's not at work, he's keeping busy with so many hobbies. He's learning to play guitar, enjoys riding his bike and working out, and, obviously, loves brewing beer. He is also a great pizza maker, thanks to a college job at the best pizza place in Columbia!  And when he has any extra free time, he likes to play around with baking projects. He doesn't bake all that often, but when he gets the urge, it's always for a big project. This week's baking experiment... cherry pie!

The recipe was Deb's Sweet Cherry Pie, from Smitten Kitchen

Buttery, flaky crust, and lots of sweet cherries. Basically summer in a pie dish.

Obviously, this pie NEEDS ice cream. A nice big scoop, to complement a nice big slice of pie.

I hope he gets a baking urge again soon! I could get used to this!

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  1. that is awesome - and he makes pizza?! you did well erin ;)