Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life Off the Web

This post is for my sister. She pointed out today that since I've broken up with facebook, I've been pretty quiet on the internet. I needed a break from status updates from a hundred random high school classmates that I could care less about, so I decided to deactivate my profile for a while. Most likely not forever, but for the moment it's a really nice break! I am pretty weak with things like that, so I knew the only way I could curb my addition to checking facebook every few hours was to cut it out altogether. I already know that when I do get back on, I'm going to unfriend a lot of the random people that I don't actually care for. It's very liberating!

I don't have any beef with blogging, though, and my slow posting rate lately is only due to one major issue... laziness! Oh, and I've been pretty busy, too. I'm running a 10k tomorrow, so I've been running and working out a lot to get ready for that. I've been doing some acupuncture, too, which ate up one night a week for the last three weeks. Add to that a haircut, book club, volunteering, and a little social life... not too much time left to sit on the computer! But life is good, whether I'm documenting it on this blog or not :)

I do have a few pictures to share, from our visit to the Morton Arboretum a couple weeks ago. We met Joe's parents for a little wilderness adventure just outside the city, and spent a few relaxing hours "hiking" through the beautiful forests. It was beautiful, but also made me long for the true wilderness that was right at my back door growing up in Colorado. The weather was perfect, and it was a fun activity that was really different from our usual weekend to dos. It was also a great excuse to pull out my new camera!



  1. yay for running a 10K! I just ran one a month ago and loved it - a challenging distance than doesn't kill you. i'm sure you'll do great! i'm glad you don't have beef with blogging - a post whenever you have the time is fine by me :) i've also been into facebook less and less lately, and slowly but surely unfriend people. i highly recommend it.

  2. I've been soooooo lazy with my blog too. Ugh. I'll try to think of something to post :). In the meantime, I totally understand about ditching FB. I would do that once a year as a cleanse, but unfortunately, updating FB pages for my job now will keep me from ever being able to do that. Oh well.

  3. YAAAY!!! Thank you for indulging me! No FB is cool but you have to blog. I need to keep up on your life somehow!