Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wedding in Mexico

After putting off blogging for another week or so, I've determined that I need to break the Mexico pictures up into multiple posts. You see, when you go on an amazing vacation with friends you haven't seen in forever, and celebrate a wedding, and enjoy a few extra days to celebrate your anniversary... you end up with far to many pictures! And I can't resist sharing most of them, so that just means multiple Mexico posts coming up!  Get ready for some beach envy, because this was an awesome vacation. 

I'll focus on the wedding for this post, since that was the main reason we ended up in Cabo. Chris has been one of my good friends for TEN years now, and I think he found the perfect match in his lovely new bride, Elena. They seem so happy together, and it was great celebrating with so many of their friends and family. And Chris's friends happen to be some of my best friends, too. It was fantastic getting back together with my college crew, who are seriously some of the best friends I've ever had. We can all pick right back up with each other, too, even if it's been years since we last saw each other. Love you guys!

Pre-wedding rehearsal dinner, poolside, of course.

My favorite roommates/best friends from college (part 1)

My other favorite roommates/best friends from college.

Karaoke with the girls. Summer Lovin' at its best!

With the groom before the wedding.

Amazing weather, beautiful setting!

The groom's childhood friend is a musician,
and did a wonderful job preforming all weekend.

So romantic!

My handsome date... and maybe our Christmas card picture??

The newlyweds with their parents

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